“After only three months of offering Alexandria Professional® Sugaring to our clients… Sugaring sales were almost double what we had made the entire last year of just massage and pedicures”

VISION by AlexAndriA ProfessionAl® A face to face partnership program that will work hand in hand with you. WE PROMISE To help your students, instructors and professionals become the most knowledgeable and succeed in becoming experts in the hair removal & skin conditioning process. TABLE OF CONTENTS About Us 4 Mission 5 NAPPA Sugaring Hair Removal 6 NAPPA Kiss Waxing® Hair Removal 8 NAPPA Skin Health 10 Alexandria Professional® Gainful Employment Program 12 Online Academy 14 Our Promise 15 3 Alexandria Professional® |

ABOUT US Alexandria Professional® is responsible for the global development and creation of professional sugaring. AP is recognized as a world class manufacturer of excellence in quality products, education, and support. Lina Kennedy takes great pride in being responsible and accountable to industry standards and governmental guidelines in North America and across several other continents. Lina Kennedy, Alexandria Professional® President, remains dedicated to the stability of continued growth through education. 4

MISSION ALEXANDRIA PROFESSIONAL® IS COMMITTED TO PROVIDING GREATER OPPORTUNITY TO OUR FUTURE PROFESSIONALS. Our school program was developed to support the Academies and students through Education - Hands on support in your school and virtually. AP’s approved courses will enhance our face to face training & certification of your instructors by AP’s qualified & certified Educators. Our hands on approach will strengthen all our relationships between your Directors, Instructors, Students, and AP Professionals. ENVIRONMENT Your AcAdemY will experience • 100% safer products • 100% sanitary and hygienic systems • Zero chance of burning • Zero dipping with Kiss Waxing® Systems All AP products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, glutenfree, and skin friendly. We do not use ingredients such as paraben, urea, petro, and laurel sulfates in any of our formulations. INSPIRATION Alexandria Professional® has an unwavering passion to see your students succeed. We will share with your directors, instructors, and students our passion for professional services in the workplace. We will instill the value of all AP Systems, helping to develop your students into confident professionals, in turn giving new graduates a greater opportunity to succeed in achieving gainful employment with continuous support. 5 Alexandria Professional® |

NAPPA PROFESSIONAL SUGARING HAIR REMOVAL Alexandria Professional® is responsible for revolutionizing the hair removal industry worldwide with its very safe and effective sugaring hair removal treatments. Our unique technique helps to prevent hair breakage, unnecessary discomfort, and ingrown hairs while gently exfoliating dry skin cells. And the AP “Kennedy Theory combined with the AP technique is proven to achieve permanent hair reduction through consistent treatments. Credited as the authority in professional sugaring, AP is known as a world-class certification program using their proprietary “6 Steps to Perfect Sugaring” in more than 35 countries. On the quest to perfect this unique hair removal system, we created the Full Circle of Skin Conditioning® program – the most natural and universal regimen for everyone’s best skin! Inspired by the powers of sugar, the Full Circle program is our fundamental skin lifestyle and an intricate part of reaching permanent hair reduction. 6

SUGARING CLASSES ADVANCED BODY SUGARING CERTIFICATION This 16 hour course covers how to correctly remove unwanted hair using the Kennedy Theory® for hair removal and skin conditioning with the 6 STEPS™. This course is designed to meet the needs of today’s salons and spas for a safer and gentler method of hair removal and skin conditioning, ensuring each trainee understands the hair growth theory and how to maximize the results of body sugaring with advanced techniques. SUGAR BETTER COURSE The Sugar Better Course is a refresher course on the AP sugaring technique. The course will help you master the Kennedy Theory® for sugaring along with our 6 Step™ for better sugaring techniques. This course will help you sugar better, faster and more efficiently, even when faced with though hair extraction. Our end goal is to prepare you to provide an overall better service to your clients, every time. PERFECTING EYEBROWS MASTER CLASS Alexandria Professional’s Perfecting Eyebrows Master Class will delve into the intricacies of shaping, correcting, and cleaning up eyebrows for all genders using both your finger and a spatula. FEMALE/MALE L.A. BIKINI® MASTER CLASSES Our signature L.A. Bikini® was coined by Lina Kennedy and is Alexandria Professional’s equivalent of a Brazilian where we remove everything from front to back! In this Master Class, you’ll learn how to select the best sugar type for specific needs and how to position your client for ease of sugaring and their comfort. Let’s not forget Tips & Tricks for dealing with potential problems when sugaring intimate areas. FACIAL SUGARING MASTER CLASS In Alexandria Professional’s Facial Sugaring Master Class, you will learn how to effectively treat facial hair from coarse, beard-like hair to fine, vellus hair irrespective of gender. And you will become knowledgeable in how to manage potential reactions from facial hair extraction. 1 2 3 4 5 7 Alexandria Professional® |

NAPPA KISS WAXING® HAIR REMOVAL “Alexandria Professional® revolutionized the hair removal industry... again!” When the “no double-dipping” regulation came into effect due to the horrible 2008 wax case in New Jersey, Lina Kennedy went back to the factory to create a sugar waxing product that could be used from a squeeze bottle. Today, AP’s Kiss Waxing® answers all concerns associated with conventional wax products. With Kiss Waxing®, techniques remain basically the same with the exception that there is ZERO dipping into a pot of wax. Instead, you simply squeeze Kiss Waxing® exactly where you want it to be on the skin, spread with a spatula, and use a cotton strip to remove the hair. You only need 1 spatula for the full treatment, and 50% less cotton than with conventional wax. Kiss Waxing® is a very simple, safe, and effective waxing product that has zero-cross contamination, does not breed bacteria, and is not too hot to the skin. More economical and ecofriendly too! 8

KISS WAXING® CLASSES KISS WAXING® CERTIFICATION CLASSES Keep it Safe and Sanitary using AP’s Kiss Waxing® strip sugar® system! Our 16 hour Kiss Waxing® Certification class will teach you how to do full body waxing. In this hands on class you will be examining hair texture, density, coverage and direction of hair growth, and discussing the difference between removing hair against the grain and with the grain as in the Advanced Body Sugaring technique. You will also learn to hold the skin in treatment area taut but not tight, and using your supporting hand for pressure after each pull to sedate the nerves. SPEED KISS WAXING® Educator will demonstrate Kiss Waxing® on the leg. Show how the strip sugar® can be applied to the entire area at once, allowing for faster “speed waxing” technique, how to “map” large areas, and how to use the strips. HEADSUP KISS WAXING® CERTIFICATION CLASS This certification class will teach you how to master hair removal using Kiss Waxing® strip sugar® for everything from the neck up, including the back of the neck, facial hair, eyebrow shaping, nose hairs, and ears. 1 2 3 9 Alexandria Professional® |

NAPPA SKIN HEALTH All Alexandria Professional® products are healthy to the skin, natural, vegan, glutenfree, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free. Our support products are excellent from head to toe on all skin types - even those with the most sensitive skin concerns. AP’s Full Circle of Skin Conditioning® program was originally developed to help clear up and prevent ingrown hair problems. It worked so well on ingrown hairs that it eventually defaulted into a “Fundamental Skin Lifestyle®” and is now helping many who suffer from troubled skin such as eczema and psoriasis, keratosis, or simply from sallow dry looking skin. It’s a rarity that a company will or can claim that their products are safe and effective for ALL skin types, but Lina Kennedy confidently makes this claim on behalf of her company Alexandria Professional®. 10

SKIN HEALTH CLASSES FULL CIRCLE OF SKIN CONDITIONING This class will increase knowledge on how to really change the skin texture and eliminate ingrown hair making each consecutive sugaring treatment more pleasant to the customer and to the practitioner, and ultimately increasing sales. The Alexandria Professional® skin enhancement and improvement, and hair refinement and diminishment program is a proven effective regime used for all skin types and colors. We call it: Full Circle of Skin Conditioning® Program. AP PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE This class will increase your knowledge on how to really change the skin texture and eliminate ingrown hair making each consecutive sugaring treatment more pleasant to the customer and to the practitioner, and ultimately increasing sales. Also included is a break down of the ingredients and key selling points for customers! FULL BODY SPA MASTER CLASS While Alexandria Professional’s Salt Glow and Hungarian Wellness Mud® Wrap treatments can be performed separately, combining them into one will create an amazing experience for your client! The Saltspring® exfoliation treatment will remove dead skin cells, help with keratosis and rejuvenate the skin while our Mud Puddle® has 60% silicon dioxide which helps to boost your collagen, detoxify and brighten your skin. SWEET’N PLUMP® FACIAL Alexandria Professional’s Sweet’n Plump® facial is a double-action collagen booster that harnesses the natural healing powers of sugar and Hungarian Wellness Mud® to create a treatment that is ideal for preserving youthful skin and delaying signs of aging! We combined several of our award-winning products with Ayurvedic motions to create a unique and luxuriously sweet plumping experience. 1 2 3 4 11 Alexandria Professional® |

ALEXANDRIA PROFESSIONAL® GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM Incentive for salons representing the AP brand to bring an AP certified student into their spa and AP NAPPA Beauty Academies to send their best students in for employment. 12

GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM NAPPA BEAUTY ACADEMIES GAIN • A list of salons representing the AP Brand in their city to job prospect for students (when applicable). • The ability to have students do salon visits and shadow days where available. • The opportunity to build direct relationships with spas and salons for stronger gainful employment. SPAS AND SALONS GAIN • Access to a pool of highly skilled and qualified individuals. • Reduced recruitment and training costs. • Ability to fill temporary or short-term staffing needs. *Student gets a free online Sugar Better master class when hired by an salon representing the AP Brand *Salon will receive a $50 credit on their account for hiring a student from an AP NAPPA partner school 1 2 13 Alexandria Professional® |

ONLINE ACADEMY Learn body sugaring from the industry’s best! Work at your own pace with a dedicated educator and virtual support at your fingertips. Our courses are designed to ensure that the Alexandria Professional® standards in knowledge and technique are met to provide each client with the highest quality treatment and experience, every visit. All of our virtual educators pride themselves in educational mastery and possess a true passion for professional body sugaring. They are committed to going beyond teaching you excellence in sugaring hair removal by also helping you to learn how to improve the overall integrity of the skin. Our heart is in maintaining healthy beautiful skin for life! We will train and assist your instructors on how to implement the use of our AP systems at your Academy. We understand how important it is to provide free ongoing support to our academy partners. We provide Free webinars from corporate as well as one on one assistance whether for technical or business related issues.

“All Alexandria Professional® products are healthy to the skin, natural, vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free to help with all sensitive skin needs. Our support products are excellent from head to toe on all skin types. It’s a rarity that a company will claim this, but I give you my word, this is a claim I can make on behalf of my company Alexandria Professional®.” Lina Kennedy President/CEO OUR PROMISE Please direct all questions and concerns to: Lisanne Wilcox NAPPA Director 702.860.9217 15 Alexandria Professional® |